1964's Cool Storage

1964 Cool Storage

When you have a band that has been successfully touring for more than 35 years, you tend to pick up a few pieces of gear along the way, especially when there is a theme to your show like there is with our band 1964 The Tribute. We've been performing a 'concert era' Beatles-themed show and accumulating choice pieces of gear from all over the world for over three decades. Some of it is used in every show, and some isn't used at all but was brought into the fold because it was a great find at a great price. Some of the gear was constructed for special events or just collected because of its Beatles-related historical significance.

Until recently, much of this equipment was stored in various band members' closets, basements, storage facilities, etc.--not really forgotten, but definitely out of sight and out of mind.

Fast forward to early 2016 when it was decided through conversations with our photographer Steve Gardner, that we would assemble all the gear we had accumulated in our nearly 40-year career in one place at one time and photographically document it once and for all. Revisiting all this gear—the memories of its use and the stories surrounding each piece as it came to us—was very exciting! But honestly, we were all taken aback by how much there was when we actually had it all together in one room.

The pictures on this blog now and the ones to follow represent the history of 1964's passion and reverence for the guitars, amps, drums, keyboards, microphones and miscellaneous pieces that produced some of the most sought after sounds on arguably the best pop/rock records in history.

Mark Benson

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